Vi er bussjåfører i Firenze!!...

...haha not really, but we could have been!

Everyone knows that the  "inner-city-buses"  in Italy are very small. The have only 8 seats, and are shorter than a Van. We had so much fun driving around for almost a whole day in these tiny little things.
In the evening me and a friend met up and went to this cool but weird club. Leopard prints ALL over. I wondered what the hell kind of a freaky place that was, but it was really cool club (just that it happend to have leopard print instead of normal- say- black walls.). Good vibe, good music and sweet people.

Yesterday I went to Siri's house in Grassina. Just a day of relaxing in the sun, eating home made dinner and not being around tourists! Awesome!


Today we're going shopping! Siri need shoes, and I need to find a top and a present.

Ci' vediamo!

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28, Oslo

Jeg er utdannet Gullsmed, og har videreutdannet meg som Edelstensfatter i Firenze, Italia. Jeg er veldig interessert i historie, spesielt middelalder & renessansen. Jeg spiller (mye) golf, og drømmer om å kjøpe et torp på Hedmarken, med solsvidde, laftede hus, med gress på taket, ha verksted i stabburet og bake mitt eget brød. <3