Hey hey hey snowflake, my pretty little snowflake

I've spent the whole day in lab. I wanted to make some new earrings for the christmas dinner type thing at work in 2 weeks and since winter is coming fast around the corner, I decided to go with snowflakes.. Groundbreaking huh? ;) But then again, it's not easy to focus when your mind is elsewhere and you can only think about one thing (or one person)..

Anyway, I didn't polish the surface this time but made it "shimmery". The earrings are dangly, about 3.5 cm x 2.5 cm in silver, with white cubic zirconias. They match my dress perfectly! I'm wearing a black dress with big ruffles around the neck, and since I'm wearing a dress with that particular collar, my jewellery has to be big enough to be seen, but not too big or I'll "drown" in a mishmash..

I'm contemplating making a ring to match, and maybe even a bracelet.. I'm not sure if I'll have time before the party though.. Either way, tomorrow starts a new week filled with work, coffee, work, coffee, just the way I like it!

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Nintendo Lizzy's gullsmie

01.11.2010 kl.07:05

Ey! Hermer du etter meg? :P


01.11.2010 kl.09:02

Nei :)


02.11.2010 kl.22:17

Eg mista pusten her s pene er redobbene du har laga! =D


03.11.2010 kl.22:20

De var fine. Jeg vil ogs ha :)

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Jeg er utdannet Gullsmed, og har videreutdannet meg som Edelstensfatter i Firenze, Italia. Jeg er veldig interessert i historie, spesielt middelalder & renessansen. Jeg spiller (mye) golf, og drmmer om kjpe et torp p Hedmarken, med solsvidde, laftede hus, med gress p taket, ha verksted i stabburet og bake mitt eget brd. <3