Christmas madness

Christmas is finally over. I've been working non stop these past weeks, not that I'm complaining, but it kinda feels good that it's a whole year until next time christmas madness comes around.. People are crazy this time of the year, I was working on christmas eve, and people came into the store even after we closed and turned off the lights..! And I work in a SMALL mall.. Insane.. I mean, we have a whole year to prepare for this holiday, it lands on the same date every single year, year after year, and still there are some people who are running around like the crazy woodpecker 5 min before the stores closes on christmas eve.. I remember working christmas eve a few years ago in a different jewelry store, and this man comes in at 12.55 (we were closing at 13.00) with panic in his eyes, pointing at the necklace closest to the cash register and said: "I'll have that one, will you please wrap it for me if I'm not to late, are you closing?". Me and my boss at the time were looking at eachother, thinking this was a scam or something.. We said: "Certainly sir, but eh, you do know it's a 50.000 kr diamond necklace?" (I know you should never question peoples spendings, but in a situation like this you wanna make sure that the customer hasn't missed a figure in the price, thinking it said 5000 kr on the tag) He then said: "Oh! Oh.. really, well, I'll take it anyway, I cannot show up without a present for the wife, letting her know I was too late with her presents..again.. I'll have those earrings too!"
I'll never forget that.. haha..

Right now I'm watching The Holiday, I love that movie, a perfect happy ending. If only things in real life could be as non-complicated as they are in a movie..

Anyway, I've been painting a bit, I tried a new way of rendering this time. Usually I paint with "dry" aquarell paint on coloured canson paper like I learned in Firenze, but this time, I've been using white canson paper with "wet" aquarell paint.. It's quite different, and it takes about half the time as it usually does to do a rendering.. I still have to get used to this way of painting, but so far so good. I've been working on a line in rose gold with chocolate pearls and cognac diamonds.(love the names!!), inspired by some pieces I love from the 16th and 17th century.. Maybe a little to bold for conservative little old Norway, but anyways..

I better get back to my renderings, my next trip to Firenze is right around the corner and I need some sketches to be finished so I can go shopping for stones and pearls while I'm there..

Buon Natale a tutti

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Susanne Isaksen

27.12.2010 kl.00:23

Fin blogg!


27.12.2010 kl.00:25

fin blogg! vi har sprsmlsrunde, og det haddde vrt koselig med en komentar! ;) <3


27.12.2010 kl.00:28

Jeg har et sprsml p bloggen min, og hadde blitt KJEMPE takknemlig om du tok deg tid til svare p det! :-)


27.12.2010 kl.01:18

Hehe, ja folk blir jo helt gale i disse juletidene! Men ha en fortsatt god jul :)

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28, Oslo

Jeg er utdannet Gullsmed, og har videreutdannet meg som Edelstensfatter i Firenze, Italia. Jeg er veldig interessert i historie, spesielt middelalder & renessansen. Jeg spiller (mye) golf, og drmmer om kjpe et torp p Hedmarken, med solsvidde, laftede hus, med gress p taket, ha verksted i stabburet og bake mitt eget brd. <3