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Since I have a couple of days off from the store, I can focus more on my own company for a little while. 2011 will be another productive year for me, and I'm loving every moment of it.

I got a question the other day whether or not I find it hard running a jewelry store and my own company at the same time, and how I devide my time between them without mixing them up. Well, when I'm at the store, I focus 100% on that, selling and promoting those pieces of jewelry, and every thing else that comes with being the manager. When I go home from work, I'm just me, and can spend my time promoting my own jewelry that I design and make, being a mentor, making and maintaining contacts in the business around the world, working with projects, customer orders etc.Allthough both my jobs are in the jewelry business, they are very different.

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28.12.2010 kl.16:45

wow!! drittbra!!! <3 spes nr 2


28.12.2010 kl.16:46

They're really nice! :)


28.12.2010 kl.16:46

kult :D


28.12.2010 kl.17:37

likte veldig godt nr 1. Du er flink!


29.12.2010 kl.18:36

Wish you a lot of customer and a great sucsess with your jewelry in a New 2011 Year!!!:)

31.12.2010 kl.09:20

Hvorfor fler jeg at du kommer til koste meg masse penger?

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