The assassin and the courtesan

I finished reading "The book of unholy mischief" before I went to Firenze last week.
This too was about Italy between 1450-1550, shocking right? In this book we get to follow little Luciano on his way from living on the streets to becoming an apprentice at the doges kitchen.


And of course I bought some new books in Firenze... Even more shocking, right?
The one by Sarah Dunant called "In the company of the courtesan" is about the rich courtsesan Fiammetta, and her journey from war-torn Rome to decadent Venice in 1527. I've already read a few chapters and so far I like it.

The one book I'm looking really forward to reading is: Assassin's Creed - Renaissance
It is based on my all time favourite PS3 game, Assassin's creed II. (yes I do play those types of PS3 games!)
It's the story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in renaissance Florence, and if you've played the game (especially the 2nd) you know what I'm talking about...
I can't wait to read it!

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14.01.2011 kl.21:12

Kjempe fin blogg :)


14.01.2011 kl.21:48

Har en ''sangblogg'' du kan beske om du har interesse for musikk:-)

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Jeg er utdannet Gullsmed, og har videreutdannet meg som Edelstensfatter i Firenze, Italia. Jeg er veldig interessert i historie, spesielt middelalder & renessansen. Jeg spiller (mye) golf, og drmmer om kjpe et torp p Hedmarken, med solsvidde, laftede hus, med gress p taket, ha verksted i stabburet og bake mitt eget brd. <3