Bronzino utstilling og diamanthodeskalle

At Palazzo Strozzi now they have an fabulous exhibition devoted to the work of my favourite painter, Agnolo di Cosimo, better known as Bronzino.
He was a court artist and portrait painter to the Medici family.
When I studied art history in school we had a project about him and his work, analyzing his paintings down to the smallest brush strokes. I've seen some of his paintings before at the Galleria degli Uffizi, but since this is a separate exhibition showcasing his work, I just couldn't miss it. Sadly I could not take any pictures there ( not surprised though), but I got to see the paintings up close.

And I finally got a hold of a picture to put in the beautiful pictureframe that cost me a small fortune in 2009. It's been on my vanity, empty, just waiting for the perfect picture to display.

-And of course it had to be Bia, my favourite painting by Bronzino.-

And at Palazzio Vecchio, the Diamond Skull by Damian Hirst is on display. I didn't have time during the week to stop by to see it, but it's there until May, so I still have a good chance of seeing it. :)


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Jeg er utdannet Gullsmed, og har videreutdannet meg som Edelstensfatter i Firenze, Italia. Jeg er veldig interessert i historie, spesielt middelalder & renessansen. Jeg spiller (mye) golf, og drmmer om kjpe et torp p Hedmarken, med solsvidde, laftede hus, med gress p taket, ha verksted i stabburet og bake mitt eget brd. <3