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This is something I see everyday at work..
I sell beautiful jewelry to all kinds of different people every day, and after working in the business for a decade now, I can easily "read" most customers, at least the ones that buy jewelry for themselves. A quick look at their fingers or neck, and I can see what size of rings or length of necklace they might need. My employees are also good at this technique, and most customers find it surprising that we "just know".. This was one of the first things I learned when I started in a small jewelry store all those years ago. One of my former bosses was insanely good at this, and she always, without exceptions, picked the right size/ length for everyone of her customers.

When customers come in the store (and this is for all the guys especially!) , and they're buying jewelry as gifts and they have really no clue what to get, we need a little more to work with. So we ask the standard questions, to try to get a hint of what "type" the gift-receiver is (let's assume it's a she); "Is she sporty or classic? Does she like coloured stones, pearls, white stones? White gold, yellow gold or silver? "
Once we've etablished that, and the customer has chosen - say a necklace for example -, we need to know sort of what the person look like size wise. This is so we don't sell a 34 cm gold chain (baby size) to someone who actually need 50 cm. So we ask; "how is she (around the neck) compared to me?" or if it's a ring, we ask; "what is her fingers like compared to mine, similar, bigger, smaller?

And the guys especially (some girls too) starts sweating, studdering hmm-ing and ehm-ing, blushing.. Before answering in a low voice that;" she is maybe a bit smaller/ slimmer than you.." or "she is more or less the same as you" or "she's about her size (points at one of my colleagues), or "she is alot bigger that you".

Guys! Know this. When we ask these questions, it's not because we want you to look us up and down, or because we need some sort of "approval" or "appraising" for the way we look. We who work in the jewelry store know our own ringsize, necklace lengths, bracelet lengths etc. And we can therefore more or less guess what your girlfriend, wife, sister, friend or cousin uses too, based on ourselves.

We have very little returns/changes size wise, and I would also say style wise.

So next time you're in the jewelry store, and someone asks you these questions, don't be afraid to answer. We don't ask them because we need your opinion, approval, or a confirmation of how we look, we ask them to better help you succeed with your gift purchase! :)

(to get asked these questions in the lingerie shop though, is a whole other story! ;) )


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30.01.2011 kl.19:40

haha, gyalt =)


05.02.2011 kl.22:18

Hei :-) NOKA hjalp meg veldig mye, men man er ndt til trene og spise sunt ellers. Jeg trente ikke s hardt, noen uker ble det kanskje en svmme tur, mens andre uker syklet jeg flere mil, gikk turer og svmte. Aldri rrt ett trenings studio :-) Jeg vet ikke helt hvordan prisene er, for jeg er sponset av NOKA. Men jeg bruket mest shakene, og de koster rundt 200 kr for en eske med shake pulver, det er mange mltider.

Start vekten min var 124kg, s jeg har fortsatt mange igjen :-/

Husker ikke om jeg har svart p alt, du fr bare sprre om det var noe mer :-)


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